New Year’s Wishes

From all of us here at Gulf 2 Bay Development and Construction:

Have a very Happy and Prosperous New Year!

Santa’s Helpers are Busy, Busy, Busy

Santa’s Helpers – The Shopping Elves

Volunteers from Coastal Community Association of South Gulf County and South Gulf County Volunteer Fire Department got up before the break of dawn and headed to Walmart to fill in the Christmas Wish lists for children in Sheriff Mike’s Toy Drive.   Hundreds of toys and bikes have been donated to the toy drive but for about 70 of the kids, their wish list hadn’t been matched, so off the elves went.  After almost 5 hours of shopping, every wish was headed to the Sheriff’s Office for distribution.   CCA Board member, Lissa Dulany coordinated efforts with Margaret from the Sheriff’s office and pulled it off.      

Thanks to all the folks who donated toys, funds, or their time to make this such a huge success.  No child in need in Gulf County will go without a gift from Santa under their tree.  No Charlie Brown trees in Gulf County.  Just the true meaning of Christmas.  Special thanks to the Murphy Family Foundation for their support which will also allow us to provide a food gift certificate for each child’s family for Christmas dinner.  

Don’t it just make you feel good?! 


Dr. Pat

Checking out. This cashier is earning her paycheck today.
We didn’t know Walmart had an indoor parade. 🙂
Their sleigh is loaded and ready to head back to Gulf County.

Greetings from the Port St. Joe Garden Center

Beach Restoration Update

Friends and Neighbors,

There was no money in the Restoration budget for dune plants according to the County and MRD Associates.  The Restoration Project is completed.  I requested from the County and from Michael Dombrowski  (MRD) a list of the approved plants if an individual wanted to protect the dunes in front of their property.  Unable to obtain that from them, I requested a local to provide us with a list of the most used and approved plants that could be used.  Please see his list below.  Be aware, because of the time of year, some will be better than others to  take hold.  Also, proper placement of approved  DEP sand fencing can be extremely effective in protecting the dunes. 

The County is working on a grant from FEMA for a secondary dune in front of the present existing dune which will include plants, smaller and at the toe of the present dune.  For the entire coast line of the County the request is a $22 million dollar and is viable.  The effort will begin at the County line at St Joe Beach and will be “hauled in sand” from Honeyville, which is a really good thing, because of added sand to the beaches.  Time lines are not established.  The most difficult area to access will be the Cape North of the rocks.

Merry Christmas!

Be kind, Be gentle, Be generous during the Christmas season.

Dr. Pat 

Plant List:

  • Ceratiola ericoides – beach rosemary
  • Helianthus debilis – dune Flower
  • Distichlis spicata – saltgrass
  • Spartina patens – saltmeadow/ marsh hay
  • Uniola piniculata – sea oats
  • Impomoca stolonifera – beach morning glory
  • Gaillardia pulchella – blanket flower/ indian blanket

Jingle Bell Tournament for Sheriff’s Toy Drive a Huge Success

Our Happy Group of Golfers

A dreary day with rain forecast changed Sunday morning to turn into a beautiful, perfect golf day with a field of 49 players bringing toys and playing in a totally different kind of golf tournament.  Santa’s elves were finished with their jobs at the North Pole and came down to put on a tournament in Port St. to challenge the best of golfers with twists and turns all over the course. 

Leading the field with First Place with a score of 62 was Natalie Dolan, second was taken by Al Harrison with 63 and third was Rex Buzzett with a score of 64. 

Each hole had a winner with some dubious bragging rights wins.  Hole #1, closest to the jingle bells in the sand-Carla May; Hole #2, longest drive for men not in the fairway, Guerry Magidson; Hole #3, Closest to jingle bells on back of green, Dominic Marzako; Hole # 5, Closest to jingle bells by water, Trish Warriner;  Hole # 6, closest to jingle bells on the hill of the green, David Warriner; Hole #8, Closest to jingle bells by water, Dominic Marzako; Hole # 9, Closest to jingle bells in middle of fairway, Dan Van Treese; Hole # 10, Closest to jingle bells on peninsula next to green, Rachel Blair; Hole #11, Closest to jingle bells by water, Jordan Gunnel; Hole # 13, closest to jingle bells by water, George Wright; Hole #14, closest to jingle bells in the sand, Virgil Wagner; Hole #16, longest drive for women not in the fairway, Carla May; Hole # 17, closest to jingle bells behind the green, Dusty May; Hole #18, closest to jingle bells in woods, Rex Buzzett.  All par 3s had vehicles for a hole in one with a maximum of 50 yards from the tee but no one won, so the bikes will go to kids in the Toy Drive. 

Now this Christmas fund raiser can’t happen and be the success it was without sponsors.  The Murphy Family Foundation, Coastal Community Association of South Gulf County, The Garrison Cattle Company, Gulf 2 Bay Construction, Dr. Anne Brown, Hannon Insurance Agency, Gary & Susan Magidson, Russell’s Repairs, Port Fine Wines and Liquors, Penelope Pet Shop, Sunset Bay Management Group, Sand Dollar Café, all gave generous sponsorships. 

Many local businesses provided door prizes to add to the success of the event. Thanks to each and every one who contributed to the success of the Jingle Bell Tournament for toys.

Coastal Community Association of South Gulf County has the Jingle Bell Tournament each year in support of Sheriff Mike’s Toy Drive for all of Gulf County.  This event plus all the donations from CCA members and others in the Community make it possible for over 200 children to have presents under their tree and food in their homes for Christmas.  You too can be involved and make their Christmas wishes come true.  Call Dr. Pat, 850-229-7799 if you want to help. 

First Place: Natalie Dolan
Second Place: Al Harrison
Third Place: Rex Buzzett

Sheriff Mike’s Toy Drive Needed Bikes

Santa’s Helpers in South Gulf County

Members of the Coastal Community Association of South Gulf County met the challenge with donations, then stepped up to turn boxes of pieces and parts into bikes. Mechanical elves from the North Pole (including “Snow Birds”, folks from the South Gulf County Volunteer Fire Department and the First United Methodist Church) led by elf Butch Kline of CCA, made this happen.  Can you just imagine a needy child in Gulf County with nothing under their tree finding one of these?  Thirty bikes put together!  Thanks to everyone who made this happen.

Merry Christmas to each and every one. 

Be kind, Be gentle, Be generous this Christmas!

Dr. Pat