04/07/20 covid-19 update: gulf and franklin counties

Here are the Florida Department of Health testing numbers as of 4:00 pm on 4/07/2020:

Currently we have ONE confirmed case in Gulf County and TWO confirmed case in Franklin County.

How many COVID-19 tests so far for this event:43
How many pending tests we have:0
How many negative tests we have:41
How many positive tests we have:2
How many COVID-19 tests so far for this event:60
How many pending tests we have:0
How many negative tests we have:59
How many positive tests we have:1

going stir-crazy while you are sitting “safer at home”?

Here is a challenge for you.  There are face mask patterns all over the place and we need masks in our Gulf County Community for the front line workers who are trying to keep us fed, like at the Pig, Rich’s IGA  and convenience stores, first responders, delivery folks, volunteers who are getting food out to the elderly, the children, and needy, etc.  They are serving us while we can have the luxury of staying home, being safe, and stopping the spread of this virus. 

How about sewing a few masks? CCA will have a closed plastic container at Gulf 2 Bay Construction offices at 1934 SR 30A (Simmons Bayou), across from the Shrimp Company,  under the side porch for you to drop off the new masks or you can mail them to 1934 SR 30 A, Port St. Joe, Fl 32456.   Don’t come visit, just drop off the masks.

We will make sure they are safely delivered to those serving us who need them throughout the County.  Bet you folks can send in 200 by next Friday!!

Have a safe and Blessed Easter.

Be safe, Be kind, Be patient.

Dr. Pat  

Gulf County BOCC Meeting Tomorrow Morning

BOCC mtg announcement for tomorrow’s mtg, 04/07/20. Please note that you can send questions to the Board DURING the meeting
This is the agenda for the BOCC meeting for tomorrow/Tuesday at 9am ET. There is no accompanying documentation. The meeting will be live streamed. Go to the Gulf County Website and click on Meetings, Then Live Streaming. To view the meeting.  Citizens can now participate in real time according to Kara Summers from Gulf County. An email has been set up. questions@gulfcounty-fl.gov which can be used during the meeting. Questions must relate to the items on the Agenda. They will be shared with the Commissioners in real time. There are two variance requests that can have public comment.   the 1st of the PDR’s is a minor change (not sure what) of a home in St Joe Beach the 2nd of the PDR’s is the final plat of what will become of the NE corner of Country Club and 30A–that newly cleared 4 acres to be called “Bay Club”.     

Agenda is below. Meeting is livestreamed from the Gulf County govt website. This link is usually active within a couple seconds after the meeting starts–ie, during the Pledge of Allegiance.

state of florida / office of the governor / executive order number 20-94 (Mortgage Foreclosure and Eviction Relief)

faqs for executive order 20-91 (safer at home)

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PanCare COVID-19 Testing

Gulf County BOCC Emergency Declaration Order 20-02