The New School Year Is Just Around The Corner

Remember the excitement of wearing that new outfit on the first day of school?

Even though it has been nine months since Hurricane Michael, there are still many families in Gulf County trying to regain their footing emotionally and financially. And the school-age children in the county need our help to feel that same excitement at the beginning of this coming school year.

There are a lot of things that we, as individuals, can’t do to help – but below is one way we can.

Fire Department Requests “No Individual Fireworks – Fire Hazard.”

Happy Fourth of July Week

Our area is facing a wildfire threat ten times greater than normal because of the dead timber from Hurricane Michael.

We have had very… little rain recently and are not expecting much this week. Winds will be mostly from the west and south (from the Gulf towards the shore).

Just a reminder that most fireworks are illegal in the state of Florida.

The exception includes sparklers, fountains, snakes and glow worms.

Anyone found guilty of setting off a firework is committing a first-degree misdemeanor with a fine of up to $1,000 and sentencing of up to a year in jail.

There are also exceptions for people who get a permit from the Board of County Commissioners. Also, there is an exception for “agricultural use” to keep birds from agricultural works and fish hatcheries. Note: there are no agricultural works or fish hatcheries in our area.

Anyone in Florida who buys fireworks at roadside tents typically sign a form saying they’re familiar with state laws. In Florida, anyone buying fireworks that go into the air or explode are theoretically purchasing them for an approved purchase.

Under state law, firework sellers aren’t required to verify the validity of buyers’ claims.

The South Gulf County Volunteer Fire Department will have patrols out all week. Should you see fireworks activities that are not for agricultural use, you can send an email to with the address so we will know which areas may need attention. We cannot enforce the fireworks laws, but we can respond to the effects caused by those breaking those laws.

Should you see a fire caused by fireworks, or any other emergency, call 911.

Have a safe Fourth.


CCA (Coastal Community Association) Members,

There have been questions as to when the area that was removed from CBRA became effective.  It became effective immediately upon passage and signing.  Representative Dunn and Senator Rubio made this happen.  The County continues to pursue removing all the CBRA designation.  They will discuss the progress of their effort at our annual meeting.  Below is Steve Southerland’s response to the question.  The removed area is now able to obtain FEMA insurance coverage which is a huge savings. 

Be kind, Be gentle, Be patient. 

Dr. Pat   

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Subject: Re: CBRA

FWS says the changes are effective immediately on enactment so the Gulf County changes were effective in February. The map here shows the updated boundaries:

Steve Southerland

Food Distribution

Good news!  A couple weeks ago we sent out information about food insecurity of many of our elderly and low income folks and that it was being addressed by Feed Florida.  Food is not the issue.  Distribution is.  Here is the contact information for those who can volunteer a few hours every two weeks. 

People can call the CRC at 850.229.1641 for dates of distribution.  The next date is 6/24 and will take place at the Highland View Fire Department.  The food typically gets there about 3:00, so volunteers need to be at the distribution location around 230.    Please call if you can volunteer.

And there is more good news.  This is your opportunity to recycle all of those plastic grocery bags.  They are needed for the food distribution.  They can be dropped off at the SGCVFD at Salinas Park.  Thanks!

Be kind, Be gentle, Be patient.

Dr. Pat

Beach Driving in Gulf County

This letter from the Gulf County Board of County Commissioners was in response to a pamphlet put out by some who are opposed to beach driving.  The pamphlet had various misinformation which is addressed.  The Beach Driving Ordinance is very specific in terms of who can drive on the beach, when they can drive, and the terms to exercise this privilege.  There are specific access points and rules.  Please make yourself aware of them prior to trying to take any vehicle on the beach. 

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