FYI: Demolition of Homes

There seems to continue to be some confusion about removal of homes that were destroyed by Michael.  In Gulf County homes that need to be demolished CAN be moved to the roadside until January 31st. There is some possibility that timeline will be extended for another 30 days byFEMA but there is no guarantee. 

Now, thanks to the County who arranged this through FEMA, this is a huge savings for those property owners who have had so much substantial damage that their homes must be removed. Hauling away from the site to landfills often exceeds the cost of bringing the home down. 

There are some rules.  

1.  No double dipping.  If your licensed contractor charges you to haul away, it would be fraud to put it on the roadside. 

2.  If your insurance company pays you to haul it away, that too would be wrong to put it on the roadside. 

3.  If you are waterfront, do NOT expect any level of government to remove your home for you.  That is your responsibility.

Be kind, Be gentle, Be Patient.

Dr. Pat