Blanket the County with South Gulf County Volunteer Fire Department

Asking you again to consider helping Nikki and Mike from the SGCFD to “Blanket Gulf County”. A lot of you have helped but there is a tremendous need for blankets throughout the County. It is getting cold here. Please don’t think FEMA took care of the needs of the individuals and families who have lost their homes and everything they own. When they closed the last shelter last week, six families were given tents for their housing. NO money, no home, nowhere to go is the plight for many families. NO FEMA temporary housing has come into Gulf County to date.

We try to give you opportunities to help our community in different ways. Here is one that is being led by our South Gulf County Volunteer Fire Department Co-Chief during the storm. Hope you might be able to help him.

Nikki and Mike Barrett have started a campaign -Blanket the County-through South Gulf County Volunteer Fire Department and will distribute through the volunteer fire departments in Gulf County. Cold weather is beginning to come in and the blankets will be needed throughout the county. Our restoration efforts will be long haul and small things make a huge difference. Mike has already established a fantastic source for the queen size blankets directly from a manufacturer at their cost. The majority of the County is at or below the poverty level and many do not have homes or have homes with no insurance that are severely damaged. Blankets will make a huge difference in the near future. We need thousands to make a difference. Mike has 1000 already taken care of.

YOU can make a difference. A child or elderly couple could sleep warm because you care. You can make a cash, check or PayPal donation through the South Gulf County Volunteer County Fire Department. Please make sure you mark your donation Blanket the County since I am sure many of you are also recognizing the need for our SGCVFD’s own need for donations.

Click here to make a donation to SGCVFD via Paypal. Add “Blanket the County” in the special instructions area.


Dr. Pat

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