Beach Renourishment Update

Many of the property owners on the Cape have questions as to where the sand restoration will come to in terms of their property.

  • Sand will not be put on private land, only public beach area.
  • The public beach is determined by the ECL line which was established at the last beach restoration
  • Sand Renourishment will be seaward of that line.
  • MRD Associates, the engineers for the project, has established a website which can be accessed by going to or through their website.

It gives the history and updates and has a Construction Easement Map which shows the ECL line, which is blue on the map.    

1. Go to the link, click on Construction Easement Map, Zoom in and find your property. 

2. Click on your property and it will show you how much space there will be between the ECL line and your home. 

Hope this helps.  The plans are still to begin staging in August and to begin pumping at the rocks and move North.  We will keep you informed as it begins to happen.

Be kind, Be patient, Be gentle

Dr. Pat